Aloe vera gel

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Ingredients: Aloe Vera
Net content: 220g (g/ml)

You need this bottle to soothe aloe vera gel
Abundant hydration + deep lock water = lasting moisturizing
*Strong hydrating and lasting moisturizing
Contains natural moisturizing factor, strong penetration, moisturizes skin, restores myogenic protein, enhances
Elastic and form a film to prevent moisture loss.
*Clean and remove beautiful restore
Aloe in aloe vera can quickly cleanse the skin and inhibit its growth and eliminate inflammation
Redness and acne infections.
* Improve dark yellow and brighten skin
Rich in natural vitamins, it removes skin pigments, fights oxidation, nourishes the skin, and makes
The skin is more energetic and white.
* Balanced water oil smoothes folds
Enhances metabolism, balances oil, helps skin to assume natural health, and has flat pleats

Wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and smooth.


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